What I Used Today: Typio

Sadly, keyboarding instruction is hard to make “fun,” yet it’s an indispensable tool for students with visual impairments. Typio, created by Joe Jorgenson at Accessibyte, is my current favorite typing program. Typio was designed specifically for students with visual impairments and has many options for customization (print size, auditory choices, colors and contrasts, teacher-created lessons, etc.) While there are several other good options for teaching students with visual impairments, my current students (2nd and 5th grade, low vision and light perception) respond best to this program.  See the links below to learn more!

A Demonstration of Typio, the Accessible Typing Tutor – YouTube

Typio video

Screenshot from Typio that says "You're an awesome typist!" and shows 27 wpm, 96% accuracy, and 14 combo.



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