What I Used Today: APH Nemeth Tutorial Website

Perhaps I am the only TVI who forgets a little Nemeth from time to time….but fortunately, there is a quick and easy Nemeth tutorial at APH to help me out! This tutorial includes examples that are screen reader friendly, so our students can also be taught to use it. I have several hardcopy Nemeth resources, but this website is free and available on the go, making it a handy go-to reference in any situation. What’s more, it includes practice exercises, so it can be used not only as a reference, but as a refresher or tutorial. The indexing and organization of the website make it very easy to quickly find what you need: APH Nemeth Website

Example of section 6.1 Absolute Value 

Screen shot of Nemeth Tutorial section 6.1 Absolute Value showing the symbol and explanation

Screen shot of examples of absolute value

Screen shot of Absolute Value writing exercises

Screen shot of absolute value reading exercises

Screen shot of absolute value proofreading exercises

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