Braille Devices

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Introduction: Dr. Robinson


SetBC slides

Humanware BrailleNote Tutorials:

Quick Reference Guide

User Guide

Command Summary

Humanware Video Tutorials

Washington School for the Blind Tutorial

California School for the Blind Tutorial

Set-BC Guides

University of Buffalo Tutorial


Example Video

HIMS Resources

Iowa SBVI Resources

BraillePlus 18

APH BraillePlus 18 Basic Word Processing 

Resources Guide

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Refreshable Braille Display+Tablet/Computers:

Available Braille Displays & Manufacturers:

Refreshabraille 18 (APH)

Focus 40/14 (Freedom Scientific)

Brailliant (Humanware)

Braille Edge 40 (HIMS) (Also has SD card for use without a device)

ALVA (Irie-AT)

Vario Ultra (Baum)

iPad braille commands:

Common braille commands for iPad

iOs Supported Braille Displays with specific commands 

Notetaker vs. iPad with braille display:

Example Videos:

Pairing Focus 14 with iPad 

Pairing Braille Edge with an Android Phone 

Pairing APH Refreshabraille 18 with an iPhone 



LookTel Money Reader 

KNFB Reader

BARD Mobile App 

Sendero LookAround GPS