Braille Devices

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Braille Notetakers:
Refreshable Braille Displays:
Smart Beetle (can handle up to 6 connections at once, can also connect with Blaze ET)
Vario Ultra (allows a device to connect via bluetooth to two devices at once: tablet AND laptop, basic functions can be used even when not connected to a
tablet/phone or laptop, has a USB port)
Braille Edge 40 (basic functions can be used even when not connected to a tablet/phone or laptop, has an SD card slot)
Early braille options:
Logan Braille Coach: tactile/auditory flashcards
Refreshable Braille Display + tablet and/or laptop
Keyboard exploration
Learn to type & use JAWS through Typability
Perkins SmartBrailler


“First Impressions”

Perkins guides

Mountbatten Braillewriter:


Student Use

SetBC Lessons

SetBC Visual Guide

MB Mimic App



Harpo Introductory Videos

User Guide

Harpo Guides

MB Mimic iOs & Android App (Scroll below User Guides)

Logan Braille Coach:


Braille Study Mode

Notetaker Use:

Amy Mason, Braille Monitor 2012


Introduction: Dr. Robinson


SetBC slides

Humanware BrailleNote Tutorials:

Quick Reference Guide

User Guide

Command Summary

Humanware Video Tutorials

Washington School for the Blind Tutorial

California School for the Blind Tutorial

Set-BC Guides

University of Buffalo Tutorial


Example Video

HIMS Resources

Iowa SBVI Resources

BraillePlus 18

APH BraillePlus 18 Basic Word Processing 

Resources Guide

Email here to join user’s group

Refreshable Braille Display+Tablet/Computers:

Available Braille Displays & Manufacturers:

Refreshabraille 18 (APH)

Focus 40/14 (Freedom Scientific)

Brailliant (Humanware)

Braille Edge 40 (HIMS) (Also has SD card for use without a device)

ALVA (Irie-AT)

Vario Ultra (Baum)

iPad braille commands:

Common braille commands for iPad

iOs Supported Braille Displays with specific commands 

Notetaker vs. iPad with braille display:

Example Videos:

Pairing Focus 14 with iPad 

Pairing Braille Edge with an Android Phone 

Pairing APH Refreshabraille 18 with an iPhone 



LookTel Money Reader 

KNFB Reader

BARD Mobile App 

Sendero LookAround GPS