Braille Production

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(countertop with bell, list of receipts, & coffee with latte art in a leaf shape)

BANA Format Examples (retrieved from BANA Braille Formats 2016, updated for UEB

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(BANA Braille Formats Example 10-6)


*remember that you can download many items from Bookshare in BRF format!
T-Base FastTrack (not available, but we can dream)
Document preparation tools
Multipage scanner of your choice
Optical Character Recognition Software to liberate text from PDF:
*Has a special option for drawing boxes around text/graphics to ignore when converting. Trust me, this is amazing.
Embossers/Embossers that do graphics/Embossers that combine braille & print
“Toasters:” Draw or print graphic onto special paper, then heat!
Tactile Graphics

Tactile Graphics for Beginners


APH Guide to Tactile Graphics

Tactile Graphics Planning Sheet

Tactile Graphics Decision Tree:

Graphic Readability

Tactile Graphics on the Fly!

Iowa Braille Tactile Graphics Resources

Braille Art as a “Stepping Stone” to Tactile Graphics


BANA Guide to Tactile Graphics

Pat Van Geem, TSBVI, Drawing in Microsoft Word:

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5

TSBVI Archived webinars:

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

APH Tactile Graphics Library


Tactile Graphics: Beyond the Basics


BANA Guide to Tactile Graphics

  • Use Braille 29 font to hold your place
  • Under View, click Gridlines for even placement/spacing
  • Use ASCII chart when you need to update braille on an image
  • Use Microsoft Paint for the few things you can’t manage in Microsoft Word-then import
  • Save word documents as 97-2003 so that you can use the select/group feature
  • Remember Ctrl+d will duplicate any drawn object selected
  • Ctrl+d can duplicate sets of objects, as well–they don’t even have to be grouped
  • Remember to ALWAYS save before translating
  • Feel free to avoid translating by using Braille 29 font
  • Work from the outside in–start with text boxes filled with Braille 29, and arrange them before other features
  • Remember that you can remove the outline of a text box when you no longer need it, for stylistic reasons


Create an electronic bank of templates and resources to be used, re-used

Number lines


2×3 tables

Create a bank of PIAF materials to be used and re-used


Current Hardware Options:

Tiger Embosser

PIAF/TIE Swell Machines (expensive paper, save for re-useable items, benchmarks)

Additional software that works with Tiger Embossers:

TactileView Software

CorelDraw + Macros


Adapted Graphics Listserv (email )



Braille Translation Options for Contraction Purgatory:
                Duxbury will translate by Braille Fundamentals clusters
                Braille 2000 has a Grade Relaxer that allows you to customize contractions