Braille Production

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(countertop with bell, list of receipts, & coffee with latte art in a leaf shape)

BANA Format Examples (retrieved from BANA Braille Formats 2016, updated for UEB

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(BANA Braille Formats Example 10-6)


Tactile Graphics

BANA Guide to Tactile Graphics

  • Use Braille 29 font to hold your place
  • Under View, click Gridlines for even placement/spacing
  • Use ASCII chart when you need to update braille on an image
  • Use Microsoft Paint for the few things you can’t manage in Microsoft Word-then import
  • Save word documents as 97-2003 so that you can use the select/group feature
  • Remember Ctrl+d will duplicate any drawn object selected
  • Ctrl+d can duplicate sets of objects, as well–they don’t even have to be grouped
  • Remember to ALWAYS save before translating
  • Feel free to avoid translating by using Braille 29 font
  • Work from the outside in–start with text boxes filled with Braille 29, and arrange them before other features
  • Remember that you can remove the outline of a text box when you no longer need it, for stylistic reasons


Embossers that produce graphics, such as Index line

Software that produces graphics, such as TactileView Software


Adapted Graphics Listserv (email )