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Using a Mac with VoiceOver: Getting Started! American Printing House for the Blind (APH) Virtual Excel Academy Webinar.

Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Practices in Braille Literacy Instruction.  Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Convention, Portland, OR. [Visual Version CEC Text Copy]

15 Google Tips for Students with Low Vision Low Vision Conference: Students Taking Charge of Their Technology Region VIII Mt. Pleasant, TX

Sustainability, Braille, & Assistive Technology, AER International 2018 Conference, Reno, NV [Text Version Visual Version] [accepted but not presented]

Choosing & Integrating Assistive Technology for Braille Users, K-12, Region XI Ft. Worth, TX [Screen Reader Version]

Back to Basics: Cultivating an AT Mindset, co-presenter with Cecilia Robinson (TSBVI), Texas AT Network 2018, Houston TX [AT Mindset: Visual VersionAT Mindset Screen Reader Version, Tech Quick Check Visual Version, Tech Quick Check Screen Reader Version,]

A Decade of Research: Just what do we know about evidence-based practice for students with visual impairments, co-presenter with Dr. Beth Jones (TAMU-Commerce), Texas AER 2018, Ft. Worth TX [Presentation, Code Spreadsheet]

The Evolution of the ECC, co-presenter with Scott Turner & Deattia MacDonald, Texas AER 2018, Ft. Worth TX [Presentation, ECC Data Sheet]

Sustainability, Braille, & Assistive Technology, CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2018, San Diego, CA [CSUN Text Version CSUN Visual Version]

Assistive Technology for Beginning Braille Readers, Closing the Gap 2017, Minneapolis, MN

Teacher Competencies with Assistive Technology, co-presenter with Dr. Beth Jones (TAMU-Commerce), Texas AER 2017, Corpus Christi TX

Our Little Corner of the World, ATIA 2017, Orlando FL

Our Little Corner of the World: Notes from the Field of Assistive Technology for Students with Visual Impairments, Texas AT Network National Speaker Strand 2016, Houston TX

AT 101 for Braille Readers & Students with Low Vision, Closing the Gap 2015, Minneapolis, MN

Introduction to Unified English Braille, Webinar, co-presenter with Stephanie Walker, State Leadership Service for the Blind & Visually Impaired 2015, Ft. Worth TX

UEB, AT & Me, Texas AT Network 2015, Houston TX

Nemeth Braille Production, Grand Prairie ISD 2015, Grand Prairie, TX

AT 101 for Braille Readers, Region XI 2014, Ft. Worth TX

AT 101 for Students with Low Vision Region XI 2014, Ft. Worth TX

Empower Yourself, Texas AT Network 2014, Houston TX

iPads for Students with Visual Impairments Region X 2013, Dallas TX

Other Media:

TATN Podcast Interview 2015

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