Prettier in Braille

“What we want to do is find the proper home for technology. Technologies are like children. They’re often asked to do things that they’re incapable of doing, don’t really want to do, are ill suited to do. We need to find the right place for technology.”

~Kevin Kelly

Visual braille representation of the quote in print

“Someone once said that when you buy a book, you’re not really buying the book—you’re buying the time you think you’ll have to read it. It’s like all those records you say you’ll listen to some day, but that day never comes…That hesitation, that’s what holds a lot of people back. That’s why I never say, “I’m a writer,” because I don’t want to shoulder that. I just want to do some writing. “What would a writer do in this situation?” I don’t know, man. Ask one. And don’t tell me what he said, I’m busy.” -Henry Rollins

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“You’re in orbit around a moon, and age just means you’re always looking at the same thing but from a different point of view. To be able to not be shot out of orbit, you have to be really careful about getting rid of any luggage that isn’t relevant and will weigh you down.” ~Bjork

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“I guess what I’m saying is, let’s keep lifting each other up. It’s not lost on me that two of the biggest opportunities I’ve had to break into the next level were given to me by successful women in positions of power. If I’m ever in that position and you ask me, “Who?” I’ll do my best to say, “You” too. But in order to get there, you may have to break down the walls of whatever it is that’s holding you back first. Ignore the doubt—it’s not your friend—and just keep going, keep going, keep going.” ~Lauren Graham

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“Technology also appears in a second linguistic form: as a way of holding the world. In this manifestation, technology belongs to one category of the structure of culture, or the beliefs we hold. Beliefs are the filters through which we construct meaning out of the incoherent signals with which the world constantly bombards our senses. Technology, in this manifestation, imparts a particular meaning to the world that shapes our experiences and determines how we go about our business, and it profoundly shapes our culture. Technological artifacts always act as filters for worldly phenomena and affect the meaning of the signals we process in our bodies. The world appears different through eyeglasses than it does without.” -John Ehrenfeld

“The salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.” ~Vaclav HavelScreen Shot 2017-10-15 at 12.41.19 PM

“The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke

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my love is building a building

around you,a frail slippery

house,a strong fragile house

(beginning at the singular beginning

of your smile) ~E.E. Cummings

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“Live your questions now, and perhaps even without knowing it, you will live along some distant day into your answers.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke
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“What I see are ordinary and some not-so-ordinary individuals willing to confront despair, power, and incalculable odds in an attempt to restore some semblance of grace, justice, and beauty to this world.” ~Paul Hawken

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“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” ~Simone Weil

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“…I would think how words go straight up in a thin line, quick and harmless, and how terribly doing goes along the earth, clinging to it, so that after a while the two lines are too far apart for the same person to straddle from one to the other; and that sin and love and fear are just sounds that people who never sinned nor loved nor feared have for what they never had and cannot have until they forget the words.” ~William Faulkner

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“Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat a cookie.” ~Cookie Monster

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